CI Communications is the arm which encompasses our communications services currently being offered by Corporate Identities, a joint venture with MISCO.

A strategy is a plot without a story. CI Communications develops corporate strategy into a story worth telling. We research, create and hone the message to match a consistent corporate voice whether in an advert, press release, or event.

The main services of CI Communications are Public Relations, Marketing Consultancy, Creative Services, Market Research.

Public Relations and Media Relations: the craft of getting noticed. Our core speciality is building relationships with the audiences that matter most to the brand. With a deep knowledge of the media landscape in Malta, our clients enjoy the best content and maximum exposure.

Strategic Marketing Consultancy: setting a stage for the brand. CI Communications takes an integrated approach to marketing that goes beyond advertising. We study gaps in the market and help clients to address them with the right solutions.

Creative Services: shaping a unique narrative. We produce original multimedia content and copywriting to express the corporate message in a clear, unmistakeable way for both digital and print consumption.

Market Research: measuring the unknown. CI Communications has a special partnership with industry leader MISCO to provide fully professional market research for its clients.

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